Neon Signs Showing The Futuristic Display Of Modern And Updated Technology

Decking out the town with custom signs for one football game sounds like a huge advertising expense, doesn’t it? I’m sure there was an enormous budget set aside for this particular event. But, the investment in such signs is a worthy one. Imagine if fans arriving in town from all over the world to see a super bowl game saw no displays reminding them of why they were there. People would not be amped, pumped, or excited for the upcoming event.

The Great Things About Neon Signs

You want them motivated to support their favorite team, adrenaline rushing. Having huge signs all over the place building this day game up is what it’s all about and it gives the electricity of anticipation in full effect. This electricity excites the fans and motivates them to celebrate. Celebrating to us basically means, we eat out, have drinks, and buy hats and anything else that helps us represent our rooting team. With all this being said, it all starts from the original generation of advertising for this special event. Behold the power of custom signs.

The Great Things About Neon Signs

Are you still using old technology for your signs? If you are considering a led sign over a standard neon tube sign you would be saving 90% of the energy that it is required for your current signage. Comparing the technology of LED signs to that of incandescent and neon signs shows many benefits to using this cleaner, greener and environmentally friendly science. Next time you shop for a new sign try looking at LED signs, you’ll be doing your part in keeping the environment cleaner.

Neon signs are so bright that people can see them from across town, because of its distinct and noticeable trademark. Our LED lights are so high teck that they are self emitted light bulbs that that illuminate the board once it’s turned on. It is a very simple device that uses only a tube with varying diameters, producing a radiant self-emitted light. It has a rare gas which could either be neon or argon. Neon gas is so bright that it provides a red glow while argon light is feeble when compared to that of Neon’s. Argon is available in yellow, blue and green shades.

If people are traveling from out of town for this one day game they will need to eat and sleep somewhere. Try replacing the old hard to see food and lodging signs on the side of the road with bright flashy neon boards, sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Custom Led signs will encourage everyone to buy event related clothing, drink cocktails named after the main event, and eat in restaurants that are supporting the local game. Constantly contributing to the event before and after the game and not just during.

Custom designs are great in motivating visitors by spending more money which adds to the town and also in showing the futuristic display of modern and updated technology.