Modern Technology Has Enhanced Call Facilities

The advancement of technology has made world a small place. Now by spending some money one can easily visit or call any country. Introduction of the VOIP services has reduced the call charges sharply. Calls to Kenya were quite expensive earlier and people calling to this country had to pay a large amount of telephone bill.

The Call Facilities In The Modern Days

But the introduction of the VOIP services has changed the scenario. Now one can easily make calls to Kenya at a lower rate. VOIP method turns the analogue audio signals to the digital data over Internet. By paying the Internet fees, you can easily make calls to Kenya or other countries for free. This will reduce your phone bills and you can save a large sum of money. VOIP technology brought a revolution in the telecommunication field.

The Call Facilities In The Modern Days

Making Calls

Making calls by using VOIP system is quite simple. If you take a VOIP service then you can make cheap calls to Kenya. By availing VOIP service you can make three ways conference and easily conduct a discussion on some topic. There are several ways by which you can use the VOIP calling methods.

  • ATA – Someone who wants to make the use of the VOIP service can opt for the ATA gateway. By using this gateway, you can make calls by using your existing handset. You will just have to plug the telephone to the Internet connection or the computer and call to Kenya. ATA software can help you configure the VOIP accurately so that you can make calls without any interruption.
  • IP Phones – IP phones looks like regular handsets. These phones have RJ 45 Ethernet connector whereas regular telephones have RJ 11 standard connectors. You can find all hardware and software for handling VOIP calls. These phones can be directly connected to the router to start making international calls to Kenya.
  • Computer to Computer – The simplest way to make calls to Kenya by using VOIP technology is calling computer to computer. Several companies offer software for this service. Just pay the charges for the Internet connection and keep calling to Kenya without worrying about any kind of rentals. To call from one computer to other use need to have speaker, microphone, sound card as well as fast Internet connection.

Selecting VOIP Phone System For A Company

VOIP method to make calls can help you save a large sum of money on your phone bills. If you own a company and need to make frequent calls to Kenya or any other country then VOIP services is the best. This would help you reduce the telephone bills significantly and you would be able to increase your profit. If you want to use VOIP services for your company then try to use the telephone equipments that you have at present.

Upgrading the software and hardware of the telephone can make you use those telephones. You should select the features that you need carefully. Never take a service that is not required for your job as this can make you pay more.