The Great Technology For The Ion Coating

In the process of perfection pursuit, human beings continuous develop. It has also become a of progress power for products. The improvement of product is first reflected in the appearance. The surface treatment can not only change the appearance of products such as color, but also improve the quality. It has become the indispensable technology of industrial production.

Ion Coating Technology

The methods of surface treatment are painting, electroplating and other traditional methods. The coating produced by these methods has poor adhesion with pollution in production process. New surface treatment technology – ion coating technology makes up the shortcomings of traditional technology and have high coating quality with pollution-free in production process. Because the film not only has good decorative but also has excellent mechanical properties, it becomes a surface treatment technology using in commodity and industrial product neodymium fluoride with broad application prospects.

Ion coating technology is an advanced vacuum coating technology, including electric arc coating. Hollow cathode coating. Ion beam deposition, and many other methods, which arc coating (also known as multi-arc coating) is considered the most market value of its basic principle is: use the energy of the arc discharge plated material (titanium and other metal in the vacuum chamber or alloy) melting and evaporation ionization generates plasma, accelerated by the electric field and metal compounds (such as TiN) and the reaction gas generation, the last deposited on the workpiece surface. Compared with other vacuum coating method, arc coating has a high rate of ionization can be plated to a variety of film, the film of good quality, high efficiency coating, evaporation source can be placed, can produce large equipment, more to control the temperature and the advantages of a wide range, making it the preferred coating method of industrial production.

In the manufacture of multi-arc ion plating equipment, key technologies can be divided into the vacuum, power and electrical control. Ionization source technology and coating process. A new electronic equipment manufacturing enterprises, in a leading position in terms of power and electrical control and coating process, and reliable machining manufacturers and quality of the vacuum barium titanate system, together with the ionization source that adapt to user needs at the time of manufacture, so that products can producing high-quality coating products for the user to create a good economic benefits.

The scope of application of the multi-arc ion plating technology is divided into two major areas: the tool coating and decorative coating. The former can make it live longer. The latter has the role of surface decoration. Made of high-speed steel and carbide cutting tool can be increased by coating the tool surface hardness and lubricity to reduce the sticky knife phenomenon, substantial increase in tool life, thereby reducing processing costs. Mold by coating the effect of increased life expectancy.

Decorative coating is applied to architectural hardware: bathroom hardware (e.g., taps), locks, the door handle and furniture. Watchmaking: it can be used in the case and the coating of strap. Other hardwires: leather, metal, stainless steel cutlery, glasses box. Large parts: stainless steel plates, signs and sculptures.